People can actually be pretty great.

So today I went out and did my first Park Run as a 30 year old - I figured it’s a habit I really want to stick. I’ve not managed to get out for a little while, chiefly owing to having been away for a few weeks on honeymoon and then the inevitable catching up with real life, friends etc which comes from having been away for a bit.

Although it wasn’t the hardest run I’ve ever done (sub 25 minutes-ish), towards the end I really felt I just wanted to give up. There’s nothing worse than wanting to finish strong but not having enough in your tank. It was all I could do to keep plodding heavily along, wishing for it all to be over as quick as possible. But then I encountered one of those incredible moments that make my local Park Run so special. A runner passed me wearing one of the red Park Run “50 races landmark” tshirts, locked eyes with me, and shouted “Come on mate, get stuck in - you’re doing really well!” It was a much-needed boost that for some reason really helped me to dig deep and find some energy I didn’t realise I had!

To any of you out there thinking of running, please do get out there and get involved with your local Park Run; it’s an absolutely incredible community of nutters, who’ve all been where you are now and want you to be the best you can.

So thanks, running man!

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2015-09-12 10:00:00