Hello again!

Oops, it’s happened again! Once more I’ve started a blog, run out of things to say and subsequently let the entire thing rot away. Apologies! In my defense I’ve been a busy boy both at work and home, and have been progressing a few fun projects which appear to have taken all my creative efforts…

So what is there to say? Well, following the advice @john-chapman I have indeed once again deep-dived into the terrifying landscape of c++. It’s been refreshing to be presented with coding challenges other than “make sure this configured correctly for each environment” (more on that later).

John and I are attempting, (however foolishly), to write from-scratch programming language. We’ll be communicating any advancements or exciting developments in a separate development blog here. Please do ignore the pretentious opening gambit, I’m sure there’ll be some additional content there sometime soon, possibly when we’ve fleshed out the language parser in a bit more depth.

C’est tout.

Blog, code and stuff.

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2015-11-21 09:27:00