GitChess - For the win!

So I thought it might be a good idea to start including technical stuff in this technical/developer blog. Fairly recently, my best friend moved to gay Paris for business. Before leaving the country, we’d established a fun tradition of having a few drams and playing chess (invariably ending in a weird stalemate, and an extended game of “catch the king”)…

Since moving to France; I’ve very much missed our whisky-fuelled encounters, and increasingly looked to technology to fill this gap in my life!

Enter GitHub pages. GitHub provides (gratis, I might add), an environment into which you can push blog articles, project pages, and all manner of such nerdy joy. I thought it could be an interesting experiment to try and subvert this process into a fun, green-text, correspondence-based chess engine!

Utilising’s excellent javascript chess-rendering software ( over here), I’ve created a new GitHub repo which wraps this in a format that means you can create a correspondance chess game via git. Take a look over at the github project for further details, if you fancy it!

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2015-10-04 11:31:00