Consumerism, or - just hook it to my veeeins!

Just last week, a colleague and I entered into an arrangement with an online coffee delivery company (here’s looking at you, Pact!) For an introductory price of just one English quid, I got delivered a 250g bag of vacuum-packed Columbian espresso; replete with tasting notes, and ground that same day specifically for Aeropress consumption.

Similarly - as a 30th birthday present, my wife bought me a subscription to Flaviar. A dangerous thing indeed; they send you a “tasting pack of stuff” every month. My first pack, “Star Spangled Bourbon”, included a whole host of incredible Kentucky moonshine - all with tasting notes, in a sexy little presentation box.

These companies have all recognised that convenience is money, and giving power and choice to the consumer opens the door to referrals and breathy, word-of-mouth endorsement.

As admittedly awesome as all these things are, will there eventually be a time when “standard” supermarket coffee doesn’t hit the spot any more? Will I look back at this post in 2 years time - laughing at my lack of foresight as I eat a vacuum-packed, artisan cheese sandwich; washed down with artisan milk from vacuum-packed, artisan cows?

Edit: - Well, shit.

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