A new start

I don’t like these sort of effusive pieces of writing which describe someone changing role,


Today marks for me a transition, and I want to write about it, AND IT’S MY SITE DAMNIT.

I’ve been working for the last few years as a consultant at Thoughtworks. I landed as a senior engineer, building out an infrastructure platform for a client based in Manchester. Having spent the previous 12 years working entirely in Microsoft ecosystems, coming to Thoughtworks and being immediately confronted with a completely alien tech stack was one of the defining moments of my career. I was left questioning - Shit - could I actually do this thing??

But my fears on this were unfounded. I was surrounded by an amazing bunch of Thoughtworkers who gave me the tools I needed, and the space to learn and grow. And for me that’s what Thoughtworks is all about. It epitomes a culture of respect, trust, love and challenge. I realised that I had not only the support of the folks “on the ground” with me, but a belief in me from the wider organisation that I did not hold myself.

This constant network of support, trust and challenge remained with me for the next few years. It resulted in me getting the opportunity to speak at loads of different places, step into leadership positions and form an amazing network of friends.

On Monday I step into a new role at Deliveroo and, like when I first started at Thoughtworks, I feel the familiar twinge of Imposter Syndrome knocking at my door. But this time I feel it’s different. I know that I have gaps I need to fill. I know that I have things I need to learn. But I know I can do this, and for once I feel that I can succeed.

I hope that everyone reading this has the opportunity to work somewhere that believes in them, somewhere that enables that growth mindset.

Roll On Monday! 🤘

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2022-06-26 16:28:00